Goal Setting Like Bootcamp

taught by Clari Stella
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Course Curriculum

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Lesson 2 : Categorize Your Dreams
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Lesson 3 : Do You Really Want this Dream
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Lesson 4 : Motivating Your Dream
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Chapter 5 : Bringing it All Together!
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Bonus Training : 5 reasons your Dreams have not happened yet!
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Course description

Why people "know what to do" but don't do "it"

Its time to have faith in ACTION!

You know how many times a day my coaching clients and prospects tell me they already know what they have to do??

You know how many of them who don't get my support are succeeding? ZERO!

True success will only come when someone is willing to learn the habit of success and honestly apply them!

Its not a coincidence that people who don't have a coach to turn to take forever to get what they want! Stop wasting time! Stop putting energy into the endless cycle and just have faith in your actions!! I mean total faith!

No fingers crossed! No prayers! No hoping!

Doing in the knowing that your SOUL is guiding you to your personal victory!

When I first started singing i would pray before every song or every meeting or what have you! Nervous about every note and fearful I would disappoint I always got the same results! A big fat F! Or at least I saw it that way!

Now I know and trust that the gifts I've been given will and shall lead me to what I have been promised! Yes I pray but no longer for my success not I pray for others to find the courage I have to follow my dreams!

To be that strong in my conviction and faith I had to and have to exercise faith in my daily actions! Faith that the dream I write down everyday will and can happen! Faith that the steps I take to get there are true! Faith that the people who help me, who choose me as their coach and who see me as their peers will are here for a reason!

You too must have faith! Faith to make, know and clarify your goals! Faith that what you are doing is the right thing! DO NOT SIT IN FEAR OF YOUR ACTIONS ANY LONGER AND JUST FREAKING DO IT!!

If you are still struggling with your dreams maybe you do need to clarify!! If so please join my brand new program
"Goal Setting Bootcamp"

You are perfect for this program if you have a goal but can't seem to find the motivation to get shit done. If you don't know your real goal or dream in detail. If you want to have a better life and experience enjoying your best dream life but still have not found the wealth or dream conditions necessary to live your best dream life! Most of all this is for you if you want to define a dream that will truly motivate and excite you!!

You will get:
5 training modules
Opportunity for free 1-on -1 coaching
A guided workbook
Trainings on overcoming blocks, clarifying your goals and so much more!

Usually this program is around $97 but I have cut the price significantly because I want to help as many people as possible to just $52!!!! Which is insane for the amount of value and support you get throughout the journey! This is a result of months of learning and helping others and getting real results for women of all walk of life!! I want to have a program that no matter what time or what you needed to do you could have my guidance and words to help you figure your dreams and goals out!

If you would like to move forward and get real results please check out the link below!



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Clari Stella
Clari Stella